Introducing our sponsored wrestler, Sandra Paruszewski

As an SME, we also take responsibility for our society and region. Which is why we’ve been intensively funding projects and individuals for several years in order to financially support their extraordinary achievements and dedication. Since 2019, we’ve been sponsoring Sandra Paruszewski, a sportswoman who is making a name for herself in one of the oldest Olympic disciplines. We’re delighted to be assisting her on her arduous journey to the Olympic Games. Here, she tells us about her passion for wrestling and her partnership with our company:


My name is Sandra Paruszewski and I’m a member of AV Sulgen wrestling club and the German national team. During my career, I’ve qualified for five European and four world championships. But my overriding ambition is to take part in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

I took up wrestling at the age of 14 and immediately became hooked. Wrestling is an extremely demanding sport, because as well as excellent stamina, you also need strength, tactics and a great deal of coordination to perform the various grappling techniques. But the basic principle is very simple – to pin your opponent to the mat by both shoulders without the use of any aids. The fact that wrestling is so demanding while demonstrating your strength without the use of any aids makes it just my kind of sport.

In order to meet the high demands that wrestling places upon me, I need to follow an extensive training regime. I balance these demands by training for 20 to 25 hours a week. And so as not to neglect my cognitive skills alongside my sport, I’ve also been studying Business Administration part-time at Offenburg University since 2014. Because as well as my sporting achievements, I’m also trying to prepare for my career after competitive sport as best I can. Since 2018, I’ve also been a member of the German Army’s sport promotion group. This means that the German Army covers my living expenses and provides me with the best possible training conditions. Which is why I moved to Freiburg in 2018, to make use of the Olympic Training Centre.

Herz has partnered me since 2019 and is helping me to achieve my sporting goals. Because as well as the professional assistance I’ve received from the German Army, there are also costs for competitions, training camps and equipment. The Ätztechnik Herz sponsorship allows me to cover most of these costs and fully focus on my sporting ambitions. So I’m extremely grateful to Herz and proud to present you as my partner throughout the world.

Best wishes Sandra