• Ätztechnik Herz:
    Fast, precise, economical

    We are ideas catalysts – we make things possible because we begin where other technologies reach their limits.

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  • From paper to
    prototype in 48 hours

    With our Speedline, you can benefit from extra fast production – competitive advantage included.

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  • Etching technology meets the production line

    Reel-to-reel contour etched parts are ideal for automated further processing.

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  • We begin where
    punching technology ends.

    Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare: Herz is open to working with any industry sector. Because precision and economy count everywhere.

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  • Future prospects included:
    Your career at Herz

    Even the most advanced technology needs people that can drive it forwards.

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This is how you can benefit from Ätztechnik Herz

Low tool costs

In contour etched parts, optics are used instead of technical tools. These are ready for operation faster and are more cost-effective than metal punching tools for example.

Fully flexible when it comes to geometry

More complex means more expensive? Not with contour etched parts. They offer you new possibilities for complex structures –  for example because the metal is processed from both sides.

The most intricate structures with high precision

Ätztechnik Herz produces filigree and highly intricate structures that are not achievable with punching technology. The production process guarantees maximum precision to one hundredth of a millimeter.

Fast production

No time-consuming tool construction, efficient processes and what’s more extensive material storage. With Herz you get your finished product faster. With the Speedline service, in just 48 hours.

Burr-free and careful processing

Etching technology is a photochemical process. So the contour etched part is not impaired by burrs or deformations. A decisive advantage compared to mechanical processing.

Cleanliness in accordance with the German Association of the Automotive Industry regulation (VDA) 19

When etching metal, no metal particles are produced. In this way, Ätztechnik Herz meets the cleanliness requirements laid down in the German Association of the Automotive Industry’s regulation no. 19. Without the need for an additional cleaning process.

Etching process

Perfect process – perfect result

Etching metal  – how is that actually done? Discover how your customized contour etched part is made from your CAD data and metal plates. Herz explains the etching process simply, step by step.


Working at Herz

Come and work for Herz  – one of the leading suppliers and idea catalysts in etching technology in Europe. With over 40 years of experience in high-precision contour etched parts as well as combined etching/laser technology, we offer you varied career prospects.


Large selection of materials

Herz stores around 700 types of material for you in the warehouse. So you always have a choice  – and we can react quickly to your orders.

We are not tied to a particular sector. Work with us to develop a customized solution for your product.

Steffen Herz – CEO Herz


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