People who spend a lot of time on their feet, need time to put their feet up and rest…

With this in mind, management has moved to deal with a problem raised by several members of staff. Many employees who have to carry out their work standing have expressed a desire for somewhere comfortable to sit down during breaks. Management has listened to these concerns and taken them on board. All locations have now received a comfortable lounge area for employees to use. This unexpected surprise has been very well received by employees, as can be easily seen in the photos.

HannoverMesse 2022 – Back again after a long break

The time finally came at the end of May. After two years in which the famous HannoverMesse had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, it was finally possible to hold an in-person trade fair again in 2022. For many exhibitors, this was an opportunity to start once again presenting their products and technologies. Many companies, SMEs in particular, tried out the online trade show option in 2021. However, opinions on this were unanimous – there’s nothing quite like a trade show at which you can directly explore, see and touch the products and technologies being presented.

This year’s main focus in Hannover was once again Digitalization 4.0 along with environmental and energy management. The supply industry also made a strong showing again, especially as this is one of the best opportunities in northern Germany to reach a wide audience.

Numerous important visitors from politics and economics also travelled to Hannover. Baden-Württemberg sent Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut, who visited the Baden-Württemberg international stand, where Ätztechnik Herz was present as a co-exhibitor. Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut took time to have a short conversation at the Ätztechnik Herz stand to find out about etching technology. Our sales representative Tobias Wagner was able to show her a few of the products we make for our customers using etching technology.

We would like to thank Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut for visiting us at the trade show as well as the team from Baden-Württemberg international for their once again reliable organization of the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly. We would of course also like to thank all of the visitors and customers that took time to come and see us during the four days of the trade show.


Sorry you are leaving…

The end of last year also heralded the end of a 15-year era at Ätztechnik Herz. CEO Steffen Herz had to say goodbye to Harald Müller-Josten, a long-standing production manager and driver of innovation within the company, as he begins his well-deserved retirement. Mr Müller-Josten was an internal and external contact for many years for discussing all things technically possible – and sometimes things that seemed impossible – regarding production using etching technology. His focus was always aimed at taking on board the challenges of customer requirements and, whenever possible, also implementing them. His innovative ability considerably influenced developments at Ätztechnik Herz over the past years. Mr Herz extended his thanks on behalf of all colleagues to Mr Müller-Josten for this special dedication in particular. On Mr Müller-Josten’s request, the executive board had already agreed, in these coronavirus times, to say their goodbyes outside and in a socially distanced manner, so that all staff could also be present. The staff, many of whom have worked together for a long time, used the opportunity, despite the wintery temperatures, to say their goodbyes and of course, give some leaving gifts to Mr Müller-Josten.

We would like to wish Mr Müller-Josten all the best for the new chapter in his life. We hope he enjoys many relaxing cycling and walking tours and that now and again when he is sitting with a good glass of sun-kissed wine in his hand in his native Baden, he will look back fondly on good times as part of the Herz team.

Update from our environmental projects

We use drying equipment with heat pump technology for drying our production waste. This has recently been supported by an approx. 30 KW photovoltaic system. This measure allows us to reduce our external procurement of electricity by 50%. Furthermore, the waste heat that is generated by the drying equipment will be used to heat our warehouse from 2022 onwards, thereby replacing an old oil-fired heating system. This will help us to improve our CO2 balance even further.

We have always striven to achieve ambitious goals in environmental protection. We have been working on further reducing our ecological footprint for many years. In doing so, we have placed a special focus on climate protection, recycling management and the careful use of water as a resource. We are not only a role model in the field of etching technology, we have also been setting an example in environmental protection for quite some time.

We would like to say thank you!

At the end of May, we had the honour of saying goodbye to our long-time employee and valued colleague Mrs. Schwenk on the occasion of her retirement. Due to the current pandemic, the official farewell could only take place on a very small scale and in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations. Nevertheless, it was important to everyone involved not to let Mrs. Schwenk leave without saying a few personal words to her.  In addition to expressing our appreciation, management presented her with a book to browse through at her leisure and a bouquet of flowers. Everyone agreed that Mrs. Schwenk was also the heart and soul of the company! She was always friendly and in a good mood and demonstrated this regularly while she was organizing and running our reception desk. She was also therefore the first point of contact for all our visitors who really appreciated her cheerfulness and good humour.

Our employees also wanted to make sure that they could say goodbye to Mrs. Schwenk and of course they did not want to send her off empty-handed.  They combined their contributions to buy her a garden lounger which they had appropriately personalised. In addition, they presented her with a custom-made engraved table with a wine glass holder. They rounded off their gift with a greeting card containing a personally- dedicated poem and numerous signatures from all her colleagues.

We wish Mrs. Schwenk all the very best for the upcoming chapter of her life, many relaxing hours in the company of her family and hope that while enjoying a nice glass of wine, she will occasionally look back on the good times she spent with her Herz team.

Mobility concept for health and environment at Ätztechnik Herz: Already 11 Herz employees sustainably on the road with the JobRad.

Company bike leasing is booming! Same at Ätztechnik Herz in Epfendorf. More and more employees are taking advantage of the attractive mobility offer for business and private purposes.

Since 2020, Ätztechnik Herz has already enabled its employees to use high-quality leased bicycles at attractive conditions with JobRad as a partner. Already 11 colleagues decided for a JobRad and are thus sustainably mobile. “We are very pleased that so many employees have already hopped on a company bike and are thus making a contribution to protecting nature and the environment,” says Managing Director Steffen Herz. “We are convinced that a bike offered by the company belongs in the benefit portfolio of modern employers. JobRad helps to stay one bike length ahead in the competition for skilled workers.”

The attractive mobility offer also helps employees stay fit. “People who regularly ride bicycles or e-bikes are more relaxed and have been shown to be less ill,” adds Steffen Herz.

And it’s so easy to get a new bike.

Our colleagues choose their dream bike at the local bike shop or online. All manufacturers and brands are possible. We then lease the desired company bike and let the employee use it freely. In return, the company retains a small portion of the employee’s monthly gross salary and uses it to service the lease payment. The JobRad is insured and may also be used during free time. This gives the employee a non-cash benefit that is taxed monthly at only 0.25 percent. Thanks to salary conversion and tax incentives, the employee saves up to 40 percent compared to a conventional purchase.

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.