Modern Work – The workplace for managers with families

We are all familiar with the situation – reconciling work with family life is among the biggest challenges of our times. Flexibility is the buzzword we encounter so often when attempting to address this challenge. Both companies and their employees are frequently faced with the question of how daily challenges can be reconciled with the other side’s expectations. It is precisely this challenge that we have addressed. After all, when skilled workers are thin on the ground, it becomes even more important to give employees the flexibility they need. Doing so imparts a sense of job and income security and at the same time enables the company to deploy its human resources efficiently in order to achieve its business objectives.

The result: a ‘win/win’ situation. After completing a review of our options at the individual locations, we have now developed a concept to offer people a place of work that accommodates their personal requirements. Whether it is young parents who need the flexibility to look after their children or perhaps have older family members to care for – our Modern Work arrangement enables them to schedule the hours they spend at the workplace to suit their needs.  Six of these positions have since been established. Colleagues have now been appointed to half of these positions, who are thankful for the opportunity.

We are pleased that with these Modern Work positions, we have been able to take another step towards a healthy work-life balance and can therefore reactivate potential skilled labour resources that are currently untapped.

Expansion of the current PV system

The long-awaited expansion of the Photovolthigh system on the roof of our Bendelbach site in Epfendorf began a few days ago. A decision was reached some time ago to continue investments in this system. The work itself was delayed for a few month due to availability issues concerning the required modules. But the time has finally arrived, and a specialist firm has now installed the new system with a peak output of 140 kW. This has increased the capacity of the PV systems mounted at our sites to a total output of approx. 240 kW.

But it will not end there. The “Herz goes green” project gathered pace at the beginning of the year and additional investments in a more sustainable future will definitely follow.