Living music with every fibre of his being – Damiano Maiolini

We are excited to present the singer-songwriter Damiano Maiolini. As a financial sponsor, we have been able to accompany Damiano on his way to conquer the music scene since 2021.

With his success on “The Voice Of Germany“ the young half-Italian Damiano Maiolini thrilled a large audience and has since been considered one of the most promising newcomers in the pop/schlager genre throughout Germany. His uniquely high and crystal clear voice colour is captivating and stands out from the crowd. His fans see him as a charismatic popular figure and a real all-rounder.

Not least because of this, he is the face of several productions and advertising campaigns and performs his stage show at festivals, on TV shows or other big arenas. His musical successes are impressive. His single “Solo Tu”, for example, won the MDR “Schlager des Monats”, his hit “Ich will nur Dich” shot straight into the German airplay charts and his record “GEMEINSAM” became one of THE songs for the Christopher Street Day in Cologne as a “Hymne für die Menschlichkeit” (anthem for humanity).

Damiano himself is looking forward to some highlights in 2023, such as appearances alongside Michelle or Loona as well as his own concert together with Annemarie Eilfeld.

He is also looking forward to many more schlager open air performances and festivals where he can share the stage with artists such as Anna-Carina Woitschack, Stefan Mross or Anna-Maria Zimmermann.

Damiano loves and lives music with every fibre of his being, we have been convinced of that. Reason enough for us to support him on his way. We are proud of our artist and are excited to see where the journey will lead!

Herz goes green – a new goal for 2023 and the years ahead.

The annual kick-off meeting of the Herz management team was held back in February. Aside from reports on the past year, the meeting focused on the outlook and goals for the coming fiscal year. While sales and process-related goals have been prioritised in the past, 2023 will also see the launch of a major sustainability project.

Herz goes green – the name of the project – will involve multi-year activities with the aim of continuing to promote sustainability at the company and improving its environmental footprint. Although the new project management is still defining the precise objectives, all employees of our organisation are called upon to submit proposals for suitable measures. Everyone is already aware that some measures will need to be implemented at a faster pace and others over a longer period. Starting in May, the project team will be tasked with defining all this in more detail and preparing a list of priorities. We look forward to receiving many ideas and will of course post reports about the measures we take on our social media channels as well as here on the website (see the “Herz goes Green” tab in the “Company” section).